DigiNars (Digital Seminars)

Digital Seminars (DigiNars)
3 DigiNars (Digital Seminars) will be held on 3 much talked and advanced issues like “Sustainability of NREN”, “EduRoam and Federated Identity”, “Technical Challenges in implementing LMS” to be participated by TEIN communities and Faculty members of the REN community. The topics of the DigiNars will also be selected upon discussion with the participating NRENs.

Digital Seminar Topics for DigiNars Schedule
DigiNar-1:  Competitive Edge of NRENs and Financial Sustainability June 26 & July 03, 2019
DigiNar-2 Progress and Challenges In Introducing Eduroam and Federated Identity under Asi@Connect/Geant December 18-19, 2019
DigiNar-3 Challenges at the outbreak of COVID-19 and the initiatives taken by NRENs May 07, 2020

NB: NRENs are requested to propose Resource Persons

Format of DigiNar
Number of DigiNar: 3
Number of Days: 2
Number of Sessions/Day: 6
Duration per Session: 45 minutes
Role of Participating NRENs:
–Selection of Resource Person
–Mobilizing Participants
–Recording for offline availability of contents
–Ensuring Visibility: Through webpage, twitter, facebook
Role of BdREN:
–Determining the Format
–Inviting Presentations
–Selecting Presentations
Role of NORDUNet:
–Provide technical and advisory support