Project Progress

SL Event Event Name Status Venue Held on
1 Workshop Kick-off Workshop on W5-A@Connect Project Completed Bangkok, Thailand September 25-27, 2018
2 Training Program Train The Trainer Program (TTT-1) Completed Negembo, Sri Lanka April 23-25, 2019
3 Digital Seminar DigiNar-1: Competitive Edge of NRENs and Financial Sustainability Completed Virtual June 26 & July 03, 2019
4 DLE Course DLE Course-1: “Cyber Security” Completed Virtual July 09-August 10, 2019
5 Workshop Workshop on Performance Evaluation of the System Completed UGC Bhaban, Bangladesh August 27-28, 2019
6 DLE Course DLE Course-2: “Ethical Hacking” Completed Virtual Sep 09-Oct 02, 2019
7 Training Program Train The Trainer Workshop-II Completed Kathmandu, Nepal December 03-05, 2019
8 Digital Seminar DigiNar-2: Progress and Challenges In Introducing Eduroam and Federated Identity under Asi@Connect/Geant Completed Virtual December 18-19, 2019
9 DLE Course DLE Course-3: “Practical Cryptography” Completed Virtual January 11 -February  29 , 2020
10 DLE Course DLE Course-4: “Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop” Completed Virtual March 21-May 09, 2020
11 Digital Seminar DigiNar-III: Challenges at the outbreak of COVID19 and the initiatives taken by NRENs Completed Virtual May 07, 2020
12 DLE Course DLE Course-5: “Data Center Virtualization and Cloud Computing Infrastructure” Ongoing Virtual August 22 to October 10, 2020
13 Digital Talk DigiTalk-I: Digital Talk on “Versatility of Blockchain Technology”


Virtual September 30, 2020
14 DLE Course DLE Course-6: Advanced Data Analysis using industry accepted and widely popular statistical package


Virtual October 03, 2020
15 Digital Talk DigiTalk-II


Virtual October 2020
16 Training Program Online Training for LMS configuration and Operation Upcoming Virtual October 2020
17 Training Program Train the Trainees Program-1 [Online Training]
1. Basics of Zoom and Cisco WebRTC Application
2. Configuration of Zoom in a local platform and configuration of IdP for Zoom as a Service
Upcoming Virtual November 2020
18 Digital Seminar 1. Project Evaluation and Sustainability Plan through virtual Conference
2. Closing of fDLuDCf project: Submission of Reports
Upcoming Virtual December 2020