DLE Courses

Distance Learning Courses (DLCs)

4 DLE Courses will be held on state-of-the-art Academic Topic namely Cryptography, Cyber Security, Software Defined Networking, Campus Network Design/Wireless Network Design or similar other Topics which can be accomplished without any hands-on operation. The courses will be made interesting for the participants by making them mostly assignment based. Also rewards will be provided to the better performers and Certificates to be issued by TEIN may be provided to all successful candidates.

Topics for DLE Courses

1. Cyber Security: 8 weeks [July 1-31, 2019]

2. Ethical Hacking: 8 weeks [September 1-30, 2019]

3. Practical Cryptography: 8 weeks [January to February 2020]

4. Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop: 8 weeks [March to May 2020]

5. Data Center Virtualization and Cloud Computing Infrastructure: 8 weeks [August 22 to October 10, 2020]

6. Advanced Data Analysis using industry accepted and widely popular statistical package: 8 weeks [ October 03 to November 21, 2020]

Venue: Virtual

Participants: Beneficiary Countries

Demonstrator: Any NREN(NORDUNet, BdREN)/HEI

Duration: 8 weeks (1 classes per week, 2 hours per class)


Developing Human Resource
Enhancing utilization of TEIN Network
Establishing the supremacy of TEIN Network over commercial Internet
Enhancing Collaboration among REN Community
Developing Awareness in REN Community
Rewarding high category performers
Acknowledging performances by Issuing Certificate to successful trainees

NB: NRENs are requested to propose Resource Persons


Format of DLCs

Number of DLC: 4 (Four)

Duration: 2 * 2 weeks + 2 * 4 weeks

Number of Classes/Week: 2

Duration per Class: 2 hours

Role of Participating NRENs:

–Selection of Resource Person

–Mobilizing Participants: Ensuring Visibility through webpage, Twitter, Facebook

–Recording for offline availability of contents

–Promotional Award: Selection, Procurement and Distribution

Role of BdREN:

–Determining Scope and breadth of Coverage

–Arranging the Lecturers

–Coordinate the Courses

Role of NORDUNet:

–Provide technical and advisory support