Training/Workshop#1: Kick-off Meeting

Venue: Bangkok, Thailand

Date: 25-27 Sep, 2018, Duration: 3 Days

Participants (18): Host (10), BdREN (4), 4 from 4 Participating NRENs

The first activity (Kick-off/preparatory workshop) was held in Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC), Bangkok, Thailand during 25-27 September 2018. Thailand Research Education Network Association (ThaiREN) was hosted this Kick-off workshop.

Thirteen participants from the beneficiary country’s Research and Education Networks-Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Thailand attended to the workshop. Two Instructors/Resource persons from NORDUnet, Denmark attended the workshop for appraise the technical design and hardware, software, technical features of the distance learning system and also provide hands-on training on the system.

The objectives of the workshop were


Training/Workshop#2: Train the Trainer Program-1

Train the Trainer program (2) will be held in two different beneficiary countries (Sri Lanka and Philipines) and will be targeted for NOC representatives/Network Engineers of beneficiary countries who will provide support in case of any help needed from the participants joining the Seminar or Training program. The NOC representatives will be trained about operation and management of the software.

Venue: Sri Lanka (LEARN)

Date: 23-25 April 2019

Duration: 3 Days

Participants (18): Host (5), BdREN (5), 8 from 4 Participating NRENs


Training/Workshop#3 : Workshop on Evaluation of System

Workshop (h) will be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh where the impact and outcome of the project will be discussed. Knowledge will be gathered from NORDUnet experts in order to address the shortcomings and deficiencies of the project.

Venue: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Date: 27-28 August 2019

Duration: 2 days

Participants (15): BD (10), Participating NRENs (5)


Training/Workshop#4: Train the Trainer Program-2

Venue: Kathmandu, Nepal (NREN)

Target Date: 03-05 Dec 2019

Duration: 3 Days

Participants (18): Host (5), BdREN (5), 8 from 4 Participating NRENs


Training/Workshop#5: Online Training for LMS configuration and Operation


Venue: Virtual

Date: August/September 2020

Duration: (8 class, 3 h/class)

Participants (15): 60 (5 NRENs x 12 person/NREN)


Training/Workshop#6: Train the Trainees Program-1 [Online Training]

Venue: Virtual

Target Date: October-November 2020 (3 Days)

Duration: 3 Days

Participants (18): 75 [Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nepal and Bhutan: 75 (15*5)]