Video Conferencing using Zoom Application platform
All BdREN members are entitled to use the facility of the “Zoom Application” free of cost


BdREN has introduced video conferencing solution under a project assigned by Asi@Connect titled “facilitating Distance Learning using Digital Conferencing facility [fDLuDCf]” with the technical consultancy from NORDUnet. In total there are 5(five) beneficiary countries except Bangladesh. They are: Bhutan, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand. “Zoom Application” has been used as Video Conferencing Application. Using these facilities the attendants staying at their preferred location having only internet connectivity and using end devices in the form of desktop, laptop or smart phones can participate in video conference. Two types of sessions can be created using “Zoom Application”.

  1. Video Meeting: At a time 100 participants can participate in the meeting in interactive mode.
  2. Video Webinar: At a time 500 participants can participate in mostly training or classroom environment with only the panelists being facilitated with interactive audio/video and the remaining participants remaining in receiving mode only. In case if any participant in receiving mode needs to generate any audio/video query, the participant needs to be converted to panelist mode by the coordinator.

Under the fDLuDCf project various types of “Distance Learning Courses (DLCs)” and “Digital Seminars (DigiNars)” have been planned and most of them have already been executed. The details of the activities under the project is available in

Using existing Zoom Licensing 5 physical meeting room established by BdREN at the Public Universities, Medical Colleges, Research Institutes and Private Universities may be connected in a single meeting room with hybrid participants both participating with soft-client over internet and participants sitting in the physical meeting room.

Usage Statistics of Zoom Application:

The virtual meetings use “Zoom Application” as a software with “Operating System” being application agnostic. The “Zoom Application” has been installed under a project implemented on a financing venture of Asi@Connect with technical consultancy from “NORDUnet” having ThaiREN, NREN, DrukREN, PREGINET and LEARN being the beneficiary countries. Statistics of the meetings held so far under this project are: