Erik Kikkenborg

Erik Kikkenborg
Media Services Manager

Erik Kikkenborg is the NORDUnet Media Services Manager primarily working with management, organisation and distribution of cloud based hosted video services. He has been active in Audio Visual and communications technology for more than 20 years starting as technician and project coordinator, moving on to manager and video consultant for a number of media and audio visual companies.
Erik’s professional interests are to explore the potential of video as a way of communication in education. Currently he is working on how to change the educational landscape in developing countries applying online education platforms. Erik’s focus is always looking into new tools and technologies that can improve education.
Throughout the years Erik has provided advice to many companies and International Research and Educations institutions on how best to apply video communications, learning platforms & technology, online video and live streaming.
For the past 10 years Erik’s primary focus has been on collaboration with Nordic and International Research and Educations institutions in the area of online learning platforms for learning and collaboration, working on European and global projects under the GÉANT Event Team, GÉANT (eduCONF), Terena (NRENum), Global CEO Forum (GVA), (GRTC), asi@connect and Up2University (Up2U).
Another dedicated part of Erik’s activities include the role of Technical Project Coordinator of a vast number of NORDUnet, DeIC, SUNET, NeIC, GÉANT, and the former Terena conferences around the Nordics and Europe.
Erik’s specialties: film & video production, cloud video services, learning platforms, video platforms, video distribution, live streaming of large events, project management, wireless networks.
Agenda it will change a little when we get closer:

Introduction to Zoom web interface as an admin
• Login
• Add user
• Different privilege
• monitoring

Introduction to Zoom web interface as an user
• Settings
• Meeting ID
• Functions
Tips for Developing an Online Course
• What to think about preparing an online course

Tips for giving an Online Course
• Remember your students are not I the room, how to make it appalling to receive education online