Dr. Javed I Khan

Dr. Javed I. Khan
Kent State University

Web: www.cs.kent.edu/~javed
Email: javed@cs.kent.edu

Dr. Javed I. Khan is a professor and Chair of Department of Computer Science at Kent State University. Dr. Javed I. Khan’s research team specializes in applying multi-area expertise in cross-cutting problems in modeling of intelligent cognitive systems, perceptual engineer, and advanced networking. His lab is currently working on perceptual comprehension and high performance programmable networking. His cross-area research has been funded by various agencies including US Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), National Science Foundation (NSF), NASA, AFRL, World Bank and State of Ohio. He has first-authored 100+ reviewed publications. He has served as editor for 100+ journal articles in his area, in national panel on next generation communications.

Besides being an active researchers and educator, Dr. Khan is passionately active in international future education for mitigating digital divide. His latest assignments include serving as technology advisor to World Bank’s new project HEAT (Higher Education Acceleration and Transformation Project)-and serving as US Fulbright Senior Specialist for Malaysia’s telecom regulatory body MCMC’s Future Network planning. He helped concept formation, planning and designing two national high speed advanced network infrastructures- BDREN and NgREN which has been implemented by the national governments. He served as the area expert in the Fulbright National Roster of experts as Senior Specialist on high performance education networking and digital divide. Dr. Khan has received his PhD from University of Hawaii at Manoa and B.Sc. from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) and a Past Open Grants Fellow at East West Center at Hawaii. More information about Dr. Khan’s research can be found at medianet.kent.edu.