Workshop on Performance Evaluation of the System


This Workshop has been designed to collect feedback, analyze the feedbacks, assess the positives and negatives of the digital seminars and distance learning courses that have been conducted and find out ways of improvement, if any. In addition to that the proceedings of the digital seminar that took place will be placed to the audience by CEO, BdREN for open discussion. Moreover, the progress of the project so far will be discussed and scrutinized. At the same time, the roadmap of the project in accomplishing future activities will be discussed and feedback will be collected from the representatives of the beneficiary countries. CEO, BdREN will also place the Financial Report to the representatives of the beneficiary country so that they can assess the progress of the project. Arrangements will also be made to announce the name of the award and certificate winners of the Distance Learning Course on “Cyber Security” and certificates and rewards will be awarded to the recipients.

Venue: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Schedule: August 27-28, 2019

Duration: 2(two) days


Total: 16 (Sixteen)

  • 10 from BdREN
  • 5 from other beneficiary NRENs (one from each NREN)
  • 1 from NORDUnet as Instructor


  • Collecting feedback from all beneficiary country representatives
  • Sorting out collected feedback from the participants of DigiNar and DLE Coutse
  • Identifying the shortcomings of the system from the feedback
  • Devising way outs in addressing those shortcomings and improvement of performance of the system
  • Grasping knowledge from NORDUnet for upgrading/updating the system
  • Finding alternative/additional scope of the system and ensure its implementation
  • Assess the progress of the project
  • Discuss about the future activities and any changes in activities, if required
  • Enhancement of visibility and participation