Train The Trainer Workshop-II

Senevi Herath
Erik Kikkenborg


Train The Trainer Workshop TTT-2 is going to be held at Kathmandu, Nepal from December 03 to December 05, 2019. It will be a 3(three) day workshop in which we are planning to
1. Set up identity registry (Jagger) with registering SPs and IDPs
2. Install and Configure LDAP and IDP Servers.
3. Setting up Satosa proxy for Zoom
4. Zoom SSO configuration for integration.

We are going to select the candidates to participate in the workshop ahead of time and do a few zoom sessions using which we can proceed with some of the installations with your directive like IDP, LDAP, JAGGER and their integration. If anyone faces any difficulty he/she can take your help and resolve the issue. That will give the trainee more belongingness with what he/she is doing. And will make the TTT-2 workshop more effective.