Data Center Virtualization and Cloud Computing Infrastructure


Khandakar Rashedul Arefin
Manager, Data Center, BdREN
Email: arefin[at]
Cell: +880 1711-082754
Md. Ariful Islam
Manager, Data & Transmission, BdREN
Email: arif[at]
Cell: +880 1613-391488
Jamilur Rahman
Network Engineer (NOC), BdREN
Email: jamil[at]
Cell: +880 1711-377759
Abu Naser Md. Nafew
Network Engineer (NOC), BdREN
Email: nafew[at]
Cell: +880 1714-538877


Main goal of this course is to introduce the components of a Data Center and Cloud Computing. The main purpose of this course is to give a holistic view of the Data Center and its components’ virtualization techniques.


  • Digital Certificate will be delivered to successful Candidates.
  • Top 15 performer will receive award 50 Euro each.

Learning Outcomes: At the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the components of an enterprise Data Center and its virtualization techniques
  2. Develop knowledge on the components of Cloud Computing Infrastructure and its management
  3. Individual will get hands-on experience on creating a virtual lab at home
  4. Develop knowledge and experience on real life service platform in IT Industry


  1. Laptop/Desktop with VMware workstation 15 installed
  2. Internet Connectivity with bandwidth of 2Mbps
  3. Basic knowledge on Virtualization
  4. Moderate knowledge on Linux platform and basic commands
  5. Clear concept on Data Communication Systems


Date Topic Instructor
Day 1 (22/08/2020) Introduction to Data Center

  • Data Center Definition
  • Data Center Component
  • Standards of Data Center
  • Types of Data Center
Khandakar Rashedul Arefin
Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • Infrastructure Evolution
  • Cloud Computing Definition
  • Types of Cloud Computing
  • Deployment Method of Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Features
Day 2 (29/08/2020) Introduction to Virtualization Compute Virtualization

  • Introduction to Server
  • Server Virtualization Technology
  • Server Virtualization Features
Khandakar Rashedul Arefin
Demonstration and Hands on Lab (Homework)

  • Install VMware ESXi
  • Create Virtual Machine
  • Accessing Virtual Machine
Day 3 (05/09/2020) OS Virtualization

  • Introduction to OS
  • Components of OS
  • Linux Container and Docker
  • Linux OS Virtualization
  • Windows OS Virtualization
Khandakar Rashedul Arefin
Storage Virtualization

  • Types of Storage
  • Accessing Data
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Storage Virtualization
Demonstration and Hands on Lab (Homework)

  • Configuration and Demonstration of LXC and LXD
  • Install Application to container
  • Access application on a container from another container
Day 4 (12/09/2020) Network Virtualization

  • Definition of Computer Network
  • Data Center Network Evolution
  • Physical Network Layout Consideration
  • Network Device Virtualization
  • Network Service Virtualization
Md. Ariful Islam
Demonstration and Hands on Lab (Homework)

  • Configure HSRP/VRRP
  • Configure VLAN
  • Configure and Demonstrate VRF

Quiz – 1

Day 5 (19/09/2020) Proxmox VE

  • Overview on ProxmoxVE
  • Architecture of ProxmoxVE
  • Introduction on KVM and LXC
  • Features of ProxmoxVE
Jamilur Rahman
Demonstration and Hands on Lab (Homework)

  • Installation and Configuration
  • Demonstration
Day 6 (26/09/2020) OpenStack

  • Introduction to Openstack
  • Benefits of using Openstack
  • Features of Openstack
Khandakar Rashedul Arefin
Day 7 (03/10/2020) Demonstration and Hands on Lab (Homework)

  • Installation and Configuration
Abu Naser Md. Nafew
Day 8 (10/10/2020) Demonstration

  • Features and Functionalities

Quiz – 2

Abu Naser Md. Nafew


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Homework: 30

Quiz1: 35 (Day 1~4)

Quiz2: 35 (Day 5~8)