Digital Talk on
Selection of LMS and Video Collaboration Applications

Digital Talk-2

Topic: Selection of LMS and Video Collaboration Applications

Date and Time: December 10, 2020, 10:00am-01:00pm

Venue: Virtual “Using Zoom Application”

Name of the Presenter:
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
United International University
Phone 01715050453(cell), 9125912-6/201(Off)
Email hsarwar[at], mdhasan70[at]
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Name of the Panelists:
Prof. Dr. Muhammed Alamgir
Panelist and Chair
Honorable Member, UGC
Email: alamgir[at]
Professor Imran Rahman
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
Asif Shahid Khan
Email: asifskhan[at]
Prof. Dr. Ragel Roshan
Consultant, LEARN
Email: roshanr[at]



Learning Management System (LMS) is nothing new but it got its widespread popularity in our country at the outbreak of COVID-19 and at the closure of the educational institutes as a fallout. However, do LMS relate only with online education or its purview is far-reaching touching the domains of blended and onsite education as well. In this very Digital Talk the speaker as well as the panelists will highlight on this issue. Also they will focus on the features of a standard LMS Software. At the same time the various LMS software application will be compared on the basis of all the standard as well as value added features. Not only that, the available popular LMSs like Moodle, Google Class, Brightspace, Mukto-path, Blackboard and others will be graded out of 10. Also, a tentative cost analysis will be made to give the viewers an idea about their starting point.

Another important decision we are brooding on at the moment is the selection of Video Collaboration Software available in the market. “Yes” many of them are “Free” software, and few of them are “Licensed” software. Some of them are “Licensed” but their free version is also available with few limitations. A few of them are “Open Sourced”, rest are “Proprietary”. Most of them are coming up with “Cloud” solution, but there are “On-prem” version available for a few of them. A detail discussion will be held on the features of popular Video Collaboration Software like “Zoom”, “Cisco Webex”, “Google Meet”, “Microsoft Team”, “Big Blue Button” and “Jitsey”. Also will be discussed are the important features the service provider and client need to focus on other than price. The viewers will get a complete idea about the very selection of the software considering the individual’s context.


The principal objective of organizing the seminar is to delve into the features of LMS and Video Collaboration Application to educate the viewers about the selection of the software while they decide to go for it. The pros and cons of all these software will be presented to the very audience to give them a 360o view.


  • Welcome Address: 10:00-10:10am [GMT+6] => CEO, BdREN
  • Presentation: Duration 10:10-10:40am [GMT+6] => Prof. Dr. Hasan Sarwar
    • What is LMS?
    • Benefits of LMS
    • Open-source vs Proprietary Software
    • Features of Standard LMS
    • Comparison of various LMS Application available in the market
    • Grading of LMS Applications
    • Role of Video Collaboration Software
    • Pros and Cons of different Video Collaboration software available in the market
    • Free of Cost vs Licensed Software
    • On-prem vs Cloud Application Software
    • Grading of Video Collaboration Software
  • Comments from the Panelists
    • Panelist-1 10:40-10:50am
    • Panelist-2 10:50-11:00am
    • Panelist-3 11:00-11:10am
    • Panelist-4 11:10-11:20am
  • Floor to be opened to the audience 11:20-11:40am
  • Closing: CEO, BdREN 11:40-11:50am

Name of the Presenter:

  1. Prof. Dr. Hasan Sarwar, UIU

Name of the Panelists:

  1. Panelist-1 and Chair of the Session: Prof. Dr. Muhammed Alamgir, Honorable Member, UGC
  2. Panelist-2: Professor Imran Rahman, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
  3. Panelist-3: Asif Shahid Khan, PERN
  4. Panelist-4: Prof. Dr. Ragel Roshan, Consultant, LEARN