DigiNar-III: Challenges at the outbreak of COVID19 and the initiatives taken by NRENs

Title : Digital Seminar (DigiNar)-III: Challenges at the outbreak of COVID19 and the initiatives taken by NRENs

Date: May 07, 2020 at 10am [GMT+6]

Venue: Virtual “Using Zoom Application”

Overview: The outbreak of COVID19 has been taking away human life without any discrimination of caste, creed, color and economy. However, it’s our strong belief that eventually human being will be able to conquer over this morbid invisible element and in the process will save humanity. Hence, even during this time of sadness and gloom, we have to keep the wheel rolling.
It goes without saying that COVID19 has cast a big pall of gloom on the NREN industry particularly due to closure of all educational institutions which has resulted in plummeting the traffic. However, not everything is falling as curse and there are silver lining in this cloud as some of the NRENs have found some alternative ways to offer innovative solutions to educational community particularly in supporting their demand of online education. In this seminar we will discuss on the challenges being encountered and the probable solutions being offered to surmount those challenges.
Objective:  The principal objective is to exchange information and find ways to support our customers in a better way.

  • Fallout of COVID19
  • Challenges being faced by the NREN
  • Mitigating Steps taken
  • Any visible Outcome
  • Any shortcomings faced
  • Suggestions/Recommendations for the NRENs
Mohammad Tawrit
Prof. Roshan Ragel
Bhushan Raj Shrestha
Francis  Lee 
Chalermpol Charnsripinyo
Asif Shahid Khan