Diginar-2: Progress and Challenges In Introducing Eduroam and Federated Identity under Asi@Connect/Geant


Distinguished speakers from NRENs of Asi@Connect and GEANTT will speak the progresses they have attained in introducing eduroam and Federated Identity in their countries. They will present their statistics of coverage of eduroam in terms of number of institutes, number of sites, number of Access Points and number of users. Also expected are their future plan (it may be next 3 years) in increasing the coverage of eduroam. Moreover, speakers from countries where Identity Federation is already established will spell out the challenges they faced in building the federation and also the challenges they are facing after the building of the federation. It is solicited from their demonstration that the scope and roadmap of the federation will be highlighted. In case of participating in eduGain the speakers may come out with their progress and plan. If there is any suggestion from the experts about establishing federation for the budding NRENs, that will also be spawned out


Day-1: December 18, 2019
Mohammad Tawrit
Indiver Badal
(NREN, Nepal)
Chalermpol Charnsripinyo
Bayani Benjamin Lara
(Network Janitor, Philippine)
Seneve Herath
(Eng. LEARN)
Mario Reale
Day-2: December 19, 2019
Terry Smith
Waqas Ahmed Khan
Raja V
(NKN, India)
Karma Jamyang
Pål Axelsson