Train the Trainees Program-1 [Online Training], BdREN


Main goal of this course is to introduce zoom video conferencing system and its operation, identity federation, Ldap and IDP server configuration and Zoom service integration with the identity federation

Train the Trainees Program-1 [Online Training]

  1. Basics of Zoom and Cisco WebRTC Application
  2. Configuration of Zoom in a local platform
  3. Configuration of IdP (Identity Provider) for Zoom as a Service.
Md. Sajidul Islam
Senior Network Engineer (Data & NOC), BdREN
Email: sajid[at]
Cell: +880 1711343612
GM Salman A Mehbub
Network Engineer (NOC), BdREN
Email: salman[at]
Cell: +880 1737996867


  1. Each participant will get 50(fifty) Euros provided he/she attends each and every session.
  2. Digital Certificate will be provided to the successful participant who can finish the course successfully.


To prepare the Trainees for Configuration of IdP which is an essential component of “Federated Identity” services which BdREN is planning to introduce in no time.


The prerequisite for the trainees will be as follows:

  • Academic Qualification:
    • B.Sc. Engineer/Science Graduate in any discipline with Special knack on Computer Systems
  • Prerequisite Skills:
    • Knowledge of Advanced Linux Operating System with hands-on working experience
    • Knowledge of installation and usage of VMWare/Oracle Box workstation version will be preferable
  • Resources:
    • Laptop or Desktop
    • Internet Connectivity
Date Topic Instructor
12 December 2020
  1. Configuration of Zoom in a local platform and configuration of IdP for Zoom as a Service
  • 1.1 Setup identity registry (Jagger) and Its Operation
  • 1.2 Installation and Configuration of LDAP Server
  • 1.3 Setup Shibboleth IDP Server


G.M Salman A Mehbub
19 December 2020
  1. Configuration of Zoom in a local platform and configuration of IdP for Zoom as a Service
  • 1.3. Setup Shibboleth IDP Server(Cont.)
  • 1.4 Checking of IDP with Shibboleth Test Service Provider
  • 1.5 Satosa proxy setup and Zoom integration with Identity Federation.
G.M Salman A Mehbub
26 December 2020     2. Basics of Zoom

  • 2.1 Installation and operation of Zoom on premise
  • 2.2 On-premise zoom configuration
  • 2.3 Some Administrative settings
  • 2.4 Reporting and Dashboard
  • 2.5 User Management
  • 2.6 Account Management

3. Cisco Video Conferencing

  • 3.1 Overview of Cisco Video Conferencing System in BdREN
  • 3.2 Administration and some Basic Configuration of Cisco Video Conferencing System
Md. Sajidul Islam